About Denton County ESD 1

The Denton County Emergency Services District (ESD) No. 1 is a political subdivision of the State of Texas dedicated to providing fire protection, fire prevention education, and emergency medical services in the communities of Argyle, Bartonville, Copper Canyon, Corral City, Northlake, and surrounding areas of Denton County.  The ESD is a taxing entity funded by property taxes for the purpose of providing emergency services within the district. The ESD is governed by a five member board appointed by the County Commissioners. Fire, rescue and emergency medical services within the ESD are provided by the ESD's 3 Fire Stations and through contracts with local service providers.

Fire Stations

Station 511


Station 511 was originally located at 427 S HWY 377 Argyle, TX. Station 511 was moved to 511 Gibbons Rd S Argyle, TX and opened in 2013. Station 511 currently houses Fire Administration, Engine Company, Brush truck, and a MICU Ambulance. Station 511 is staffed with 5 line personnel 24x7 and 4 administration personnel M-F 9-5.

Station 513


Station 513 was originally located at the Copper Canyon Town Hall at 400 Woodlands Drive Copper Canyon, TX. Station 513 was moved to 865 Copper Canyon Rd Copper Canyon, TX and opened in 2009. It currently houses an Engine Company and Brush Truck. Station 513 is staffed with 3 line personnel 24x7.

Station 514


Station 514 was built at 6805 Cleveland Gibbs Rd Northlake, TX and opened in 2018. Station 514 currently houses an Engine Company, Brush Truck, and MICU Ambulance. Station 514 is staffed with 5 line personnel 24x7.

Fire Station Map

Contracted Service Providers

Justin Fire Department

The Justin Fire Department (JFD), a department primarily staffed by volunteers, was established in 1947.  In addition to serving the City of Justin, JFD provides service to the far western portion of the ESD in an area that is primarily unincorporated Denton County within Northlake’s extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ).

Roanoke Fire Department

The Roanoke Fire Department (RFD), organized in 1948 by volunteers in the community, is a full service combination paid and volunteer department.   In addition to serving the City of Roanoke, RFD provides service to the area of the District generally located south of Denton Creek and east of Interstate 35W.


The Denton County ESD No. 1 was formed in 2006 with a 62% favorable vote of the residents within the district.  Before the ESD was established, the Argyle Volunteer Fire District (AVFD) provided fire protection and emergency services within most of the area now within the district.  AVFD was funded by the municipalities which made funding unpredictable and not always stable.  The ESD now provides a stable, reliable funding source which has helped provide updated equipment and facilities to better serve the citizens of the District.


The mission of the Denton County ESD No. 1 is to:

      • Provide the citizens of our district with the most advanced fire and emergency services
      • Be staffed with the leading team of caring and dedicated individuals
      • Be the leaders of our profession
      • Always be conservative with public funds entrusted to the District

Facts and Figures

Facts and figures listed below are current as of September 30, 2020

      • Tax Rate – 10 cents per $100 valuation
      • Statement of Net Assets:
        • Total Assets – $9,467,588
        • Total Liabilities – $7,993,550
        • Total Net Position – $1,474,038
      • District size – 65 square miles
      • District population – 17,500
      • Emergency Responses (1/1/20 to 12/31/20)
        • Denton County ESD #1 – 2291
        • Justin FD –
        • Roanoke FD –
          • Total