About Denton County ESD 1

Located in Denton County (part of the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex), the DCESD1 operates out of three fire stations (Station 511, Station 513, and Station 514) and is a combination department that provides services to >42,000 residents within 65 square miles. The DCESD1 service area includes the towns of Argyle, Bartonville, Copper Canyon, Corral City/Draper, Lantana, Northlake, as well as surrounding areas of Denton County (i.e., unincorporated areas within the extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) of each of these towns and one Special Utility District). Additionally, the DCESD1 has contracted response areas with the City of Denton and maintains mutual and automatic aid agreements with Flower Mound Fire Department, Roanoke Fire Department, and Justin Community Volunteer Fire Department.

The communities within the district have experienced unprecedented growth since 2018 and are projected to continue to grow exponentially in the next ten years. In 2021, the DCESD1 experienced its largest call volume to date with 3,178 total calls – a 28% increase over 2020. Of the 3,178 calls, 54% were EMS-related calls and 42% were fire-related calls.

Critical infrastructure protected by the DCESD1 includes: four school districts, four public water systems; healthcare (three urgent care clinics opening in our district in the next year), gas wells and associated petroleum/natural gas pipelines, transportation (three airports, major bridges, highways, and rail transportation); large commercial facilities; industrial parks, and several retail centers.

School districts protected by the DCESD1 include Argyle Independent School District (AISD), a portion of Northwest ISD, and Liberty Christian School.  AISD is considered a “fast-growth district” with over 4,200 students and more than 500 faculty and staff across five campuses (one high school, one middle school, three elementary schools). Liberty Christian School serves over 1,000 students at one K-12 campus.

Fire Stations

Station 511


Station 511 was originally located at 427 S HWY 377 in Argyle, TX. Station 511 was moved to 511 Gibbons Rd S Argyle, TX and opened in 2013. Station 511 currently houses Fire Administration, Engine Company, a Brush truck, and a MICU Ambulance. Station 511 is staffed with 5 line personnel 24x7 and 4 administration personnel M-F 9am-5pm.

Station 513


Station 513 was originally located at the Copper Canyon Town Hall at 400 Woodlands Drive in Copper Canyon, TX. Station 513 was moved to 865 Copper Canyon Rd Copper Canyon, TX and opened in 2009. It currently houses an Engine Company and Brush Truck. Station 513 is staffed with 3 line personnel 24x7.

Station 514


Station 514 was built at 6805 Cleveland Gibbs Rd Northlake, TX and opened in 2018. Station 514 currently houses an Engine Company, Brush Truck, and MICU Ambulance. Station 514 is staffed with 5 line personnel 24x7.

Contracted Service Providers

Justin Fire Department

The Justin Fire Department (JFD), a department primarily staffed by volunteers and was established in 1947.  In addition to serving the City of Justin, JFD provides service to the far western portion of the ESD in an area that is primarily unincorporated Denton County within Northlake’s extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ).

Roanoke Fire Department

The Roanoke Fire Department (RFD), organized in 1948 by volunteers in the community, is a full service combination paid and volunteer department.   In addition to serving the City of Roanoke, RFD provides service to the area of the District generally located south of Denton Creek and east of Interstate 35W.


The Denton County Emergency Services District #1 (DCESD1) began as Argyle Volunteer Fire District (AVFD) in 1963 and was created by a group of local citizens after a house fire occurred in the community and no formal fire mitigation strategies were in place. In 2006, citizens voted and approved the creation of the DCESD1 to provide funding stability. The DCESD1 is governed by a Board of five Commissioners and is primarily funded from ad valorem taxes.


The mission of the Denton County ESD #1 is "To serve the citizens of our district with qualified and dedicated professionals and to provide the most advanced fire and emergency medical services in our profession while being conservative with public funds entrusted to the district."

Facts and Figures

Facts and figures listed below are current as of January 25, 2021

      • Tax Rate – 10 cents per $100 valuation
      • Statement of Net Assets:
        • Total Assets – $9,467,588
        • Total Liabilities – $7,993,550
        • Total Net Position – $1,474,038
      • District size – 65 square miles
      • District population – 42,000
      • Emergency Responses (1/1/21 to 12/31/21)
        • Denton County ESD #1 – 3,178